Friday, March 20, 2009

Defense Department Reverses Directive to Stop Selling Used Ammunition Shells

The Defense Department has reversed a directive issued last month to stop selling used ammunition shells to manufacturers, after gun owners and Montana's two U.S. senators complained that it would increase the cost of ammunition and kill a revenue-generating program for the government.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Free Market Meltdown? Economists Fret Over Return to Price Controls

It isn't only the federal government that is trying to fix the economy. Across the country, from Vermont to Alaska, state and municipal governments are doing what they can to ease the burden for Americans who are increasingly out of work and unable to pay their bills.

One controversial solution being considered is a move back to price controls. The New York Legislature and the San Francisco City Council are considering expanding rent controls. Some politicians in Vermont are trying to limit the price of milk. And in Alaska, a bill to cap oil prices is pending in the state legislature.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Professor Takes Heat for Calling Cops on Student Who Discussed Guns in Class

A professor in Connecticut reported one of her students to the police after he gave a class presentation on why students and teachers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus. Now, free speech activists say the professor’s actions are what really need to be investigated.

Last October, John Wahlberg and two classmates at Central Connecticut State University gave an oral presentation for a communications class taught by Professor Paula Anderson. The assignment was to discuss a “relevant issue in the media,” and the students presented their view that the death toll in the April 2007 Virginia Tech shooting massacre would have been lower if professors and students had been carrying guns.

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